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Vision For Membership

To Be Free, You Must Become Worthy Of Freedom & Honor. No Exceptions.

- You must do your sovereign paperwork.

- You must open your own sovereign bank accounts.

- You must create wealth and stop paying income tax.

- You must when able to, quite legal slave jobs.

- You must learn your rights, so you respect others rights.

- You must reserve rights in legal contract.

- You must open your own society.

- You must form a crew and protect yourself as a gang would using lawful process and  privacy.

- You must educate your children, stop sending them to public slavery school.

- Stop getting vaccinated!

- Eat healthy, as most processed food will give you cancer as it increases metals in your body, and high ph, equals cancer can grow.

- Stop thinking legal anything is a government, IT ISN'T, JUST A CORPORATION!

- Learn how to protect yourself with private law fee schedules, against legal agents who force contract.

- You must become competent at admin.

- You must become competent at self and community security.

- You must keep away from strangers within your community, should be no stranger danger. Hence no public school.

- You must become complete, and grow beyond how you were diminished by the legal system.

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